Creating Unique Spaces

  • Bene Birthday

    Bene Birthday

    225 years of Bene history. Happy Birthday Bene.

  • TIMBA Table

    TIMBA Table

    Wood is the key characteristic design element of TIMBA. The name was chosen due to its phonetic similarity to the word "timber".

  • AL Conference

    AL Conference

    AL stands for the visible aluminium material, a symbol of lightness and high-tech.The AL Management executive line inspires with its exclusive materials, extraordinary details, high-quality workmanship and sophisticated finish.

  • Al-Selection


    AL Selection Was designed by bene for exactly this purpose pure leadership, expressed in every detail and feature 

  • Nice Wall

    Nice Wall

    Nice Wall Connects pepole, Ideas and technology . The nice wall powerd by we-inspire is the connection between analogue and dugital working methods and aslo promotes efficient team work.

  • TANGRAMis5


    TANGRAMis5 creates connections. Wherever people wait, get together in informal groups, or need a secluded place to work, TANGRAMis5 shines through. Its intelligent concept is driven by simplicity, an enthusiasm for change, by comfort and the wish to create space for innovation.



    It is a unique furniture programme able to create an inspiring work environment that promotes spontaneous exchange,personal encounters and team work.


  • ''Ooredoo'' Al-Muhalhel Project

    ''Ooredoo'' Al-Muhalhel Project

    The headquarters in the new Ooredoo Tower. The focus was on creating the best possible workplaces featuring youthful and colourful design which has to particularly deliver in the call centre area with outstanding acoustics. 


  • Nice Wall

    Nice Wall

    The nice wall is the connection between analogue and digital work methods and promotes effcient team work. the core of the Nice all is a freely scalable, ...

  • Bene Collection News 2014/15

    Bene Collection News 2014/15

    Every Bene office is different. Yet one thing they all have in common is the dynamic movement between the various zones and areas - places for communication , concentration ...



    A new furniture typology for open spaces. The key element is the Dock-in Bay: a temporary, alternative workplace for individual focused work. The Docklands product range is a new ...



    PARCS creates zones in an office that enhance the productivity of the well-being of a company`s employees by facilitating various ways of working such as meeting, presenting, learning, brainstorming, ...

  • “New Work Spaces” - Bene Trend Book

    “New Work Spaces” - Bene Trend Book

    The Bene trend report, “New Work Spaces” appeared at the begging of 2010. The Apple iPad and application iBook were released at the same time, We have now brought ...

  • International Investor

    Location: Al-Rraya Tower
    Floor/Area: 620 sq/m
    Designer: Bab Nimnim
    Construction: Al Muhalhel (Execution & Installation)
    Supplier: Al Muhalhel (Purchasing & Trading)


  • Wafra Real Estate

    Location: Twin Tower- Kuwait City  
    Floor/Area: 35th,36th,37th & 38th .
    Architect: Gensler
    Supplier: Al Muhalhel (Purchasing & Trading)

  • Al Muzaini Exchange Company

    Location: Al Mubarakiya - Head Office 
    Floor/Area: Basement, Ground, 1st & 2nd Floor 
    Architect: Al Muhalhel (Design & Planning)
    Construction: Al Muhalhel (Execution & Installation)
    Supplier:  Al Muhalhel (Purchasing & Trading)

  • The Associated Engineering Partnership

    The Associated Engineering Partnership, TAEP is a Kuwait Registered and based professional office licensed to practice as general consulting architects, engineers and urban planners.


    This project is located at Kipco ...

  • Ooredoo Telecom

    Location: soor street - Ooredoo tower
    Floor/Area:331 Workplace
    Architect: Eng. Fotooh Al-Asfour 
    Supplier: Al Muhalhel (Purchasing & Trading)
  • Tamdeen Group

    TAMDEEN GROUP  is a financial and investment developer for real estate and commercial projects.


    A neat and elegant atmosphere should be created with the interior design concept. yet offices and ...

  • Universal Marine Company

    Location: Al John Tower. Al Salhiya Area
    Floor/Area: 23rd Floor.
    Architect: Al Muhalhel (Design & Planning)
    Construction: Al Muhalhel (Execution & Installation)
    Supplier: Al Muhalhel (Purchasing & Trading)